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Endangered Animal of The Day: Hawksbill Turtle

The Hawksbill Turtle (scientific name Eretmochelys imbricata) is one of the most critically endangered species on the planet. Endangered species are a problem for everyone in the ecosystem, all the way up to us Humans. Cliche as it may sound, everything in nature really is interdependent. These turtles keep coral reefs in good shape and eat prey such as Sponges. This gives fish a better chance to feed, and we all know how dependent Humans are on a steady supply of fish. 

The Hawksbill is also a big attraction for visitors in the Coral Triangle (western Pacific Ocean), and thus provides natives with a huge amount of tourism dollars.

Hawksbill Turtle Endangered Species

Sadly, these animals are often hunted by Humans as some people eat the turtles’ eggs, and other big fish, sharks, and crocodiles also prey on these amazing creatures. The Hawkbills can grow about 45 inches, making them smaller than most other sea turtles. As young hatchlings, these guys can’t dive very deep and so stick to floating near the ocean’s surface. Since lots of animals feed on the Hawksbill, its extinction would mean trouble for those animals as well.