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Animal Spotlight: Spinner Dolphin

The Spinner Dolphin (scientific name Stenella longirostris) is a small dolphin often found in off-shore waters of the world. It gets its name from the fact that it does acrobatics by spinning along its length and jumping through the air. These guys can grow anywhere from about 4 to 7 feet (129-235 CM) long. They have a mixture of colors on their body, with their dorsal area being dark gray, their sides light gray, and white blubber on their underside. Almost every major ocean in the world has Spinner Dolphins, from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America to the mid-Atlantic and even as far east as the Indian Ocean and the Asia side of the Pacific. 

Animal Spotlight Spinner Dolphin

Spinner Dolphins feed mainly on fish and Shrimp, and can dive hundreds of meters to go get its food. Spinner Dolphins may hunt in large groups, forming circles around their intended prey with one or two Dolphins then diving through the middle to eat. These guys are hunted by Sharks.  They’re considered to be threatened due to large amounts of Tuna hunting which has limited their prey, and direct deaths from pollutants and chemicals.