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Animal Spotlight: Mimic Octopus

As you might have guessed from its name, the Mimic Octopus (scientific name: Thaumoctopus mimicus) can “copy” the appearance of other sea animals. This makes it a clever prey and predator, as it can use this ability to hide itself. Much like a chameleon, the Mimic Octopus changes its skin color and texture to blend in with surroundings. It is one of the smaller Octopi out there, and only gets to be about 2 feet in length. It is normally brown or beige, but a lot of times will change its skin to look striped brown and white (so as to appear as a poisonous creature would and scare predators).

Mimic Octopus Animal Spotlight

The Mimic Octopus typically preys on small fish, crabs and worms. In addition to using mimicry to avoid predators, it can also use its shape-shifting to get close to prey and then eat them. It’s unknown why these little guys do what they do, but most likely it is a survival technique to mimic other species. Other species can imitate other living things, but the Mimic Octopus is the first of its kind to mimic a variety of other animals.